Finca Manantial de Luz


Accommodations for rent in Andalusia, Costa del Sol

In more than 20 years of building up, we have created an extraordinary pleasant ambience, where we would like to invite you to feel reconnected to nature and touched inside.

Lots of creatively designed walks and places on the finca as well as the big Mandalas on the walls of the houses give an extraordinary energetical touch.

The finca is a place of silence and peace. The vegetarian and vegan nutrition reflects the harmonical lifestyle, which we would like to share with you.

Our holiday accommodations

We offer the following accommodations on our finca for holiday rent:

Casa Mango

The Casa Mango  is a 40 m² Studiohouse equipped with a small kitchen, a computer table with internet access via ethernet cable, a double bed and a single sofa bed. The house is situated about 50 m above the main house under big old mango trees which give shade in summer. There are also 2 ventilators inside.

The house is designed brightly with a lot of windows which allow a view to the surrounding tropical garden. For the cool season there is a heating and also an antique Art Deco wood stove. The small own terrace invites to relax and enjoy the sun all over the year.

Internet is available via ethernet cable to avoid electrosmog.

Price per night depending on season

Appartement Luz y Sonido (Light and Sound)

The apartment Luz y Sonido is situated in the patio on the backside of the mainhouse. It has its own entrance with a small terrace. The apartment consits of a small bedroom with one double bed, a bathroom and a dining kitchen.

There is an aircondition and also a ventilator in the sleeping room. Internet is available via ethernet cable in the kitchen.The kitchen has also a woodstove for heating.

Price per night depending on season

Tiny Mariposa (Tiny Butterfly)

In the upper part of the finca there is a new wooden Tiny house on a wonderful wooden terrace on the 1st floor with view to the sea and the countryside. IT consists of a small sleeping room with double bed and a living room with a single sofa bed. The simple kitchen is on the 17,5 sqm terrace. There is a separate bathroom/shower on the ground floor. The bathroom is also used by other guests. In summer you can even sleep on an additional bed on the terrace. 

Price per night depending on season.

Area for 2 more caravans/mobile homes

On the highest point of the finca there is a newly created place for 2 caravans/mobile homes for shorter or longer stays with a tremendous view to the sea and over the whole finca.


  • The complete finca is no smoking area.

  • Please ONLY prepare and consume vegetarian food on the finca. Dairy products like cheese, milk are o.k, but no eggs please.

  • Please respect the rest/siesta times of the finca.

  • As the wastewater is used for watering the trees please only use ecological washing- and cleaning agents (shampoos, soap…).

Reservation / Booking requests

Please contact me via email:

and indicate number of persons, period of stay and accommodation you like to book.

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